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destin-e™ is a group concierge tool that is provided by a full service organization that will handle every possible need for your group(s). Our online approach utilizes technology to innovatively improve the communication with your participants by offering the events and activities you pre-select for them online. The use of our technology will determine the course of your events. We can operate your entire group program with or without the online group access, if you would like. Our destin-e system handles everything you need effortlessly while minimizing the risk of mistakes.

Why destin-e™?

The entire planning, proposing and operating of your group is now made available to you for every step of the program with reports and updates 24/7.

What services does destin-e™ offer?

destin-e™ will provide you with options for all of your meeting needs. Whether you are developing a fully managed incentive program or coordinating an unmanaged group, our technology provides the resources to make your meeting fully successful. Seamlessly and professionally, we work together with reputable suppliers to develop and stage a memorable experience for you and your party.

destin-e is the power, and e-destinaccess, inc, is the agency that will determine the course of your events. Control your destiny.

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National League for Nursing - 2014 Education Summit

Barb, We can offer your group participants with an affordable way to get to and from the hotel. Why have them wait in a taxi line, or struggle with their luggage on public transportation or agonize on a shuttle with multiple stops? This would be a private chartered service for your group.  The...

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